2008 Dix Winter Caskival Pre-Game Show

Written by Damon on December 5, 2008

Photo Credit: sashafatcat

Tomorrow (December 6th) is the 2008 edition of Dix Winter Caskival. If you’re in Vancouver and like good beer, then you’d better go.

All of the local brewers take a break from making boring commercial beers and put together a couple of dozen casks of fun and experimental beers for people who like fun and to experiment. Whoah, I’m not sure I said what I meant, but you get the idea.

Tomorrow’s line up is as follows:

  • Big Ridge IPA
  • Central City Spiced Winter Ale
  • Crannog Old Puddin’ Head
  • DIX Saison Visceral
  • DIX Smoked Plum Porter
  • DIX India Red Truck Ale
  • DIX Rum-Candied Mandarin Orange & Organic Espresso cask-conditioned Imperial Stout
  • Dockside Winter Ale
  • Granville Island Jolly Abbot
  • Howe Sound Father John Christmas
  • Longwood Scotch Ale
  • Mission Springs Winter
  • R & B Auld Nick
  • Russell Cranberry Porter
  • Steamworks Blitzen
  • Storm Snakebite
  • Swans Scotch Ale
  • Taylor’s Crossing Dubbel
  • Tree cask-conditioned Double Hophead
  • Whistler Bear Arse Barleywine
  • Whistler Vanilla Bourbon Porter
  • Yaletown Le Nez Rouge
  • Yaletown Oud Bruin

I’m looking forward to the orange and espresso Imperial Stout, Oud Bruin, and Double Hophead. I recently made a Burnt Orange Belgian Blanche and was thinking that I’d like to ┬átry a burnt orange and chocolate stout sometime, so I’m curious about the Orange and Espresso Imperial Stout. I’ve had the Yaletown Oud Bruin before, but it’s different every time. And I’m a big fan of Tree’s Hophead, so I can’t help but be curious what their Double Hophead would taste like.

The Caskival starts at 12:30 and goes until they run out of beer.

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