Sour Company

Written by Damon on July 24, 2009

So I’m brewing my first ever sour beer.

It’s not a copy of any particular sour beer that I’ve had, which means I only screw it up if I don’t like it.  I’m using the cherry nut-brown I made last summer as a base and Wyeast’s seasonal Roeselare blend of beasties as my grand priests of funk.

I remarked at the time that the cherry nut-brown would work well as a sour beer. It being cherry season and one of the plastic

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Dungeness Crab Linguine Recipe

Written by Damon on June 8, 2009

Dungeness Crab

Dungeness crab season goes from April to July. You can catch crab any time of the year, but if, like me, you only go after crab when they are spawning in shallow waters, then crab season is April to July.

Waiting for the crabs to move to shallow waters means crabbing involves wading in shallow waters looking to scoop up any legal-sized crab. It’s a lot more enjoyable when compared to periodically checking traps dropped in deep water.


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Brewmaster’s Chicken

Written by Damon on February 3, 2009

Roast chicken slathered in stout gravy and barley-fennel stuffing.

How much beer and beer-related ingredients can one put into a chicken? I might now have the record, but I’ve got a few ideas on how to beat it.

For starters, try marinating the chicken in beer. I used stout for the gravy, but for some reason crappy lager seems like a good marinade. You don’t use vintage wine when cooking so you probably don’t need to use quality beer.

My beer cheesecake

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Time for a Bock Beer Bailout

Written by Damon on January 28, 2009

Yesterday the Canadian government here came out with a budget including stimulus spending many different sectors of the economy. Similarly, the US government passed a stimulus package today.

But even with all of this money going around to support struggling sectors, I don’t see anything to support Bock beer.

The Case for Bock Beer

Bocks are deserving of stimulus spending, more so than many other areas of our economy.

Bock beer is a very smooth and accessible style that is very rarely brewed in

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Barley Crust Chocolate Porter Labneh Cheesecake

Written by Damon on January 24, 2009

After my recent beer and Labneh pairing, I thought I might try something a little unusual and make a Labneh cheesecake glazed with chocolate porter while using spent grains from brewing for my crust.

Labneh Cheesecake with Beer Glaze

Tasting the Labneh Cheesecake

The first thing you notice is strong expresso notes from the chocolate porter glaze. The espresso blends into raisin, chocolate, vanilla, and other flavours all balanced across the palate no one taking prominence except when you look for them. Then

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Labneh and Beer

Written by Damon on January 21, 2009

Labneh is a really simple middle-eastern yoghurt-based cheese. It’s really easy to make. You drop yoghurt into a hankerchief or coffee filter and let the whey drain off for a day or two. What’s left is labneh.

Tasting Labneh

Labneh tastes like cream cheese with a little yoghurt sourness. I expected it to be very sour, but a lot of the sourness drains off with the whey.

Labneh is used in all sorts of middle-eastern cuisine, but I wanted the labneh flavours featured

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My First Biere de Garde

Written by Damon on January 14, 2009

I just had my first French biere de garde. I don’t often come across styles of beer that I haven’t sampled, so it is really quite a treat to when I do.

The beer was a present from my sister who lives in Abu Dhabi and writes an urban planning blog, but spent the holidays in France with my mom who brought the beer back. So thanks to both of you.

The biere de garde that I tried was Jenlain Ambree and

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Disgust for India Dark Ales

Written by Damon on January 13, 2009

Jeff at Beervana shares my dislike of Black IPAs. He writes

add 100+ IBUs of hops and blast away all the maltiness.

I fully agree with this sentiment. India Dark Ales, as I know them, are all about putting roast and hop bitterness at war with each other.

Weaker stouts  can share the stage with hop bitterness, but the really strong India Dark Ales put those flavours in conflict. And I just don’t like the resulting beer.

If this is a style

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Pairing Duck Prosciutto and Beer

Written by Damon on December 21, 2008

When deciding choosing a beer to pair with my duck breast prosciutto, I decided to begin by looking at foods that go well with prosciutto.

The classic combination is prosciutto and melon. I don’t know of any beers with melon flavours, but a nice fruity wheat beer should probably do the trick. I chose my own Almost Heaven Belgian Wheat Beer.

Another combination is prosciutto with plain bread or crackers to cleanse the palate without interfering with the flavours of the prosciutto.

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Duck Breast Prosciutto Recipe

Written by Damon on December 19, 2008

Reading about The Mad Fermentationist’s account of making duck breast prosciutto inspired me to try to make some on my own for Christmas.

Duck Breast Prosciutto

Making Duck Breast Prosciutto

After checking a number of different recipes online and also consulting at the local salumeria, I made a few adjustments to the Mad Fermentationist’s recipe:

salted for 28 hours
washed salt off with wine
coated with white pepper, garlic powder, fresh thyme and rosemary
aired for 13 days at °37 F (°3 C).

I followed the Mad Fermentationst’s

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