Where the Winter Ales Are

Written by Damon on December 6, 2008

There’s nothing like large quantities of beer at lunch time after sleeping late for sucking all motivation to accomplish anything with your day. I’m back from the Dix Winter Caskival (actually they call it the X-mas Xtreme beer festival, but whatever) and in condition to write about it. Thank God for notes, and beer.

The glass is all empty now.

The local brewing dons had a mix of their best, most interesting, and surprising beers on tap. There were 25 beers

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2008 Dix Winter Caskival Pre-Game Show

Written by Damon on December 5, 2008

Photo Credit: sashafatcat

Tomorrow (December 6th) is the 2008 edition of Dix Winter Caskival. If you’re in Vancouver and like good beer, then you’d better go.

All of the local brewers take a break from making boring commercial beers and put together a couple of dozen casks of fun and experimental beers for people who like fun and to experiment. Whoah, I’m not sure I said what I meant, but you get the idea.

Tomorrow’s line up is as follows:

Big Ridge IPA
Central City

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Dix Summer Caskival 5

Written by Damon on August 10, 2008

Dix Summer Caskival is a showcase of cask conditioned (experimental) beers from many of the local microbreweries put on by Dix Brewpub and the local chapter of CAMRA. The event featured a number of experimental beers that the brewers can’t normally make because the beers are either too unconventional or too expensive to sell. There were a few flops, but even the flops were educational for an experimental homebrewer like myself.

My sister and brother-in-law, who are both know how to

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