Spontaneous Fermentation

Written by Damon on July 24, 2010

I haven’t posted much lately partly for lack of inspiration and partly because blogging is a big part of my day job now, but this I had to share.

As an experiment, I drew off a portion of pale ale wort last weekend and put it outside over night to see if I could get spontaneous fermentation.

It being the middle of summer and a little on the warm side I fully expect whatever I get to be undrinkable, but I might

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Brew beer at home with these top tips!

Written by admin on May 20, 2010

Beer brings people, friends and family together and that is a good enough reason for us to celebrate beer in all forms. Beer takes up a large part in any typical individual’s life and this is why, many people have started brewing their own beer right in their homes. Brewing beer is a wonderful experience; it is fun and it is challenging. But the best part is what you learn each time you brew beer and implement your lesson the

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Umami Stout

Written by Damon on April 11, 2009

I used to live in Japan. Whenever I ate out with a group of Japanese friends, without fail, someone would always tell me about how Japanese cuisine was more complex because Japanese chefs understood umami.

So what is Umami?

It’s sometimes called the 5th taste. It was first identified in 1908 by Ikeda Kikunae (don’t you just love Wikipedia). It wasn’t acknowledged by Western science until later and continues to be ignored by school science text-book writers, but, like salt, sweet, bitter,

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Get Your Roast On

Written by Damon on March 26, 2009

In order to learn how to control malt aroma in my beers, I brew several similar beers in a row and compare mash temperatures and recipes to try and figure out how to formulate recipes with malt aroma in mind.

There were few months where I was concerned about the lack of malt aroma in my beers. I started paying more attention to aroma in my beers and in commercial beers.

After sampling a number of commercial examples, I realised that malt

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Sanitation Practices

Written by Damon on February 28, 2009

I don’t want to understate the importance of sanitation. If you’re an all-grain brewer like myself, every batch doesn’t just represent 6 gallons of beer (or however much you make at a time), but it also represents at least 6 hours of time.

I think of sanitation as being in two categories: pre-boil and post-boil.

Equipment that is used pre-boil (and during the boil) doesn’t need to be thoroughly sanitised; equipment that is used post-boil does.

If I need to stir my finishing

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Burnt Orange Tripel

Written by Damon on February 11, 2009

This, my second beer using burnt orange, is a cross between a tripel and a winter ale.

I wanted the spicing of a winter ale with the phenol of a tripel to serve as a base for the flavours of burnt orange.

Burnt orange gives beer a nice copper-orange colour so I made a very pale beer to let the colours from the oranges dominate.

Tasting the Tripel

The beer pours with a nice thick head that quickly dissipates. The colour is exactly what

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Brewing Big Beer

Written by Damon on February 8, 2009

One of the great things about home brewing is that you aren’t limited by commercial concerns.

You can brew using fresh fruit or wild mushrooms, or you can brew beer that is so ridiculously strong that commercial brewers would have to charge wine prices to make it worthwhile.

Whoo-yaa, we home-brewers aren’t limited by paltry such concerns.

Strong Beer Brewing Tips

I can’t say that I’m an expert yet, but the Internet is sadly lacking in good advice for brewing strong beers and I’ve

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Brewing Plans for the Year

Written by Damon on January 30, 2009

I have a mild distaste for New Year’s resolutions. If they help you, then great. But if I’m not going to change my life for the better now, then I’m probably not going to do it on New Year’s Day either.

That’s why I like this month’s Fermentation Friday topic about setting goals. It’s like a New Year’s resolution, without being on the New Year. Other bloggers can write about their New Year’s resolutions, and I can still write about my

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Burnt Orange Belgian Wheat Recipe

Written by Damon on January 5, 2009

I found a food-blog post extolling the virtues of burnt citrus fruit when I was doing research for my duck breast prosciutto.

Unfortunately I can’t find the blog recommending burnt citrus fruit so no link, but basically they said burning citrus fruit causes a chemical reaction that radically changes some of the flavour compounds and and kills the oils.

Being the adventurous little brewer that I am, I instantly recognised the potential for new potential brewing ingredient. I had some Belgian Witbier

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Chanterelle Belgian Wheat Beer Recipe and Tasting Notes

Written by Damon on December 28, 2008

I can’t decide if this beer made with Chanterelle mushrooms good or bad. It’s definitely an interesting beer which is why I’m sharing the recipe and my thoughts. My intent with this beer was to see how the fruit flavours of the Chanterelle would complement the fruit flavours from Belgian wheat beer yeast.

The base beer was taken from my excellent Belgian Wit. I removed and cooled half of the wort before adding the spices and other adjuncts for the witbier.

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