Chanterelle Belgian Wheat Beer Recipe and Tasting Notes

Written by Damon on December 28, 2008

I can’t decide if this beer made with Chanterelle mushrooms good or bad. It’s definitely an interesting beer which is why I’m sharing the recipe and my thoughts. My intent with this beer was to see how the fruit flavours of the Chanterelle would complement the fruit flavours from Belgian wheat beer yeast.

The base beer was taken from my excellent Belgian Wit. I removed and cooled half of the wort before adding the spices and other adjuncts for the witbier.

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Peated Matsutake Porter Post-Mortem

Written by Damon on December 4, 2008

My very limited edition Peated Matsutake Porter (note the Matsutake is also known as Pine Mushroom) came to an abrupt end last night. I only made three bottles worth from Peated Porter leftovers after racking an over-filled primary fermenter to the secondary.

Photo Credit: soggydan

String of Setbacks

At first I thought the beer was ruined by some sort of infection. It was actually the inspiration for my Halloween Fermentation Friday post which is actually a piece of fiction because still

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The Terror that Infects the Noble Spirit

Written by Damon on October 31, 2008

I never would have guessed at the horror that could result from such innocent inoculations.

Most people live their lives safely: without ever knowing the random terrors that can suddenly infect the unsuspecting. They go through their comfortable, daily drudge: eating, working, loving, hating, drinking beer…without an inkling.

But ill events have torn that blissful torpor from my eyes. I may have been a little careless, but I’m not wholly at fault. I took precautions and presumed the fungal adjunct safe and

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Chanterelle Season | Fermentation Friday

Written by admin on September 27, 2008

My first mushroom beers consisted of Winter Chanterelles on a Belgian base. I tried different quantities of mushrooms and different methods for getting mushroom in to beer.

For the first beer, I used 0.9 kgs (2 lbs) of Winter Chanterelles soaked the mushrooms in vodka for three weeks. I then added the vodka to the 23 L (6 gal) batch of beer before bottling. The final beer was a wonderful Belgian Ale with some strange yeast-like characteristics that would (very) occasionally

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Winter Chanterelle Belgian Ale Recipe 2008

Written by Damon on August 27, 2008

Earlier this year I made my first two mushroom beers based on Randy Mosher’s Nirvana Chanterelle Ale from Radical Brewing (predictable Amazon affiliate link).

I kept the same grain bill and used the same yeast varying only the hops and the procedure for getting raw mushroom flavour in to the beer for both batches.

Image Credit: Colris

Warning Before Brewing with Mushrooms

All raw mushrooms are poisonous to some extent. You can eat some raw mushrooms without any noticeable effect, while others

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