Almost Heaven Belgian Wheat Beer Recipe

Written by Damon on December 20, 2008

I posted most of the details for this recipe in my Belgian Witbier Roundup a few days back, but I really wasn’t feeling very generous in my evaluation and I left out a few minor details that make it more difficult to copy.

I only post recipes because they are interesting or excellent. The roundup’s comparison was interesting, but the Almost Heaven Belgian Wheat Beer is excellent. I not only nailed the style, but I’d say it is as good as the best wheat beers from Belgium. I’m normally more critical of myself than others and am kind of embarrassed by self-promotion, so when I say this beer is excellent you might want to believe me and try the recipe for yourself.

The aroma is full and rich with all the classic characteristics of a Belgian Wheat Beer. The flavour develops quite nicely with a mix of citrus fruit, spice, and farmhouse flavours each sharing prominence over time.

Almost Heaven Belgian Wheat Beer


Weight (lbs) Weight (kgs) Grain
5.5 lbs 2.5 kgs Pilsner Malt
2.75 lbs 1.25 kgs Wheat Malt
2.75 lbs 1.25 kgs Wheat Flakes

Hops and Adjuncts

Weight (oz) Weight (g) Ingredient Time
0.95 oz 27 g Perle 5.7%, whole 90 min
0.21 oz 6 g Anise Seed crushed 3 min
0.74 oz 21 g Indian Coriander ground 3 min
0.28 oz 8 g Valencia Orange peel finish
0.10 oz 3 g Grapefruit peel finish


Wyeast 3944: Belgian Witbier harvested from lees

Brewing Schedule

Brewed: 10/07/2008
Racked: 10/30/2008
Bottled:  11/14/2008


No water adjustments to local Pilsen-like water.

Brewing Stats

Stage Time / Temp
Mash In Temperature 140°F 60°C
Mash In Time 80 mins
1st Rest Temperature 156°F 69°C
1st Rest Time 40 mins
Mash-Out Teperature 172°F 78°C
Mash-Out Time 20 mins
Sparge Time 80 mins
Boil Time 80 mins

OG: 1.048
IBU: approx. 17
Ferment Temp: 71°F 22°C
FG: 1.007
ABV: 4.9%


  1. Decoction mash that went reasonably well. The Mash-In was a bit longer and lower than I wanted due to my relative inexperience with decoction mashing.
  2. The Wyeast 3944 needs a lot of headspace. It’s probably best to aim for a lower initial volume and add water later.
  3. The Wyeast 3944 takes a lot of time to finish. I added Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale to help finish off the fermentation.