Bottle Conditioning in the Warm Room

Written by Damon on December 17, 2008

I’ve learned brewing mostly from books, the Internet, and Dan, mentor and vendor to Vancouver’s homebrewers. On top of what I’ve read and been told, there are a few things that I do because they make sense to me. One of those things just made sense was leaving freshly bottled beer in a heated area of the house for the first few days. You know, to quicky awaken dormant yeast to carbonate my beer.

Well today, for reasons that will be apparent in a later post, I found myself watching the Brooklyn Breweries video about bottling their Local 1 Belgian Strong Golden Ale. About halfway through the video the brewmaster Garrett Oliver mentions how, after bottling, the bottle-conditioned Local 1 spends a week in the warm room.

He doesn’t say why, but I’d say that pretty much confirms my reasoning.