Brew beer at home with these top tips!

Written by admin on May 20, 2010

Beer brings people, friends and family together and that is a good enough reason for us to celebrate beer in all forms. Beer takes up a large part in any typical individual’s life and this is why, many people have started brewing their own beer right in their homes. Brewing beer is a wonderful experience; it is fun and it is challenging. But the best part is what you learn each time you brew beer and implement your lesson the next time to improve the quality of your beer. For all of you who want some good advice on beer brewing, read through the following and be enlightened:

1. Brewing beer is not something that will come to you on your own, it’s a long process and each time you’ll learn something new. But that does not go without saying that it is important to do some background research before you get to work. This means that you should read up online about the ingredients to be used and especially how to perfect the fermentation process. Reading some good books on brewing beer at home and keeping those at hand can help you a lot with your brewing!

2. You must already know how important it is for you to cool your beer quickly; this is because tannins and proteins can stay back in your beer which is bad for it. Cooling the beer quickly will also keep it clean and free from infection so purchase a wort chiller which will help to cool the beer quickly and will also improve its quality. It’s a small investment but it will definitely be worth it!

3. Knowing how long to boil the wort is important; the usual time is 60-90 minutes; 90 being more appropriate for lighter styles of beer. Boiling is extremely useful and apart from the reasons mentioned above, it can also vaporize undesirable compounds and can sterilize your wort which is good for your beer brewing environment.

4. Fermentation is the trickiest stage of brewing because you have to control the temperature of fermentation and while you can get a fermentation refrigerator for it, you can also do without one. One of the simplest yet most effective techniques of maintaining the temperature of fermentation is to wrap the fermentor in wet towels and place a fan in front of it and place the whole arrangement in a cool and dry place. Make sure the towels remain wet and you’ll get a constant temperature throughout fermentation.

5. If you want the fermentation process to be perfect, it is better to make a yeast starter first. You can do this by boiling a small amount of dried malt extract with a quart of water with ¼ oz. of yeast. When this gets cool, put your yeast into it, 2 or 3 days before you brew; then, place a foil over it and place it in a dark place. On the brewing day, pitching this starter will help to start quickly and will reduce chances of infection.
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