Burnt Orange Tripel

Written by Damon on February 11, 2009

This, my second beer using burnt orange, is a cross between a tripel and a winter ale.

I wanted the spicing of a winter ale with the phenol of a tripel to serve as a base for the flavours of burnt orange.

Burnt orange gives beer a nice copper-orange colour so I made a very pale beer to let the colours from the oranges dominate.

Tasting the Tripel

The beer pours with a nice thick head that quickly dissipates. The colour is exactly what I expected, but it is one of the haziest beers I’ve ever made. I think haze might be a necessary sacrifice if you’re going to add burnt orange to the secondary.

The tame aroma is limited to burnt orange. Pleasant, but a little too weak.

The burnt orange flavour is a lot milder than in the previous small batch. It’s doesn’t assert itself as much in this stronger beer, but it is still evident. When I tasted it at bottling, mace really dominated. It seems to have mellowed now to the point where it’s evident but not out of balance.

There’s very little evidence of phenol. Normally, I don’t like phenolic beer so I’m a little surprised that even when I try to get it I can’t. I’m a little disappointed too because I thought it would replace the citrus sourness that is lost when burning the oranges.

While the head has already fallen, the high level of carbonation really brightens the beer making it seem refreshing in spite of the high alcohol.

Burnt Orange Tripel Recipe


Weight (lbs) Weight (kgs) Grain
14.5 lbs 6.58 kgs Pilsner Malt
1 lbs 0.45 kgs Barley Flakes
0.5 lbs 0.23 kgs Biscuit

Hops and Adjuncts

Weight (oz) Weight (g) Ingredient Time
1 oz 28 g Perle 5.7%, whole 90 min
0.89 oz 25 g Coriander finish
0.25 oz 7 g Mace finish
8 oranges Burnt Valencia Oranges secondary
2 lemons Burnt Lemons secondary


Wyeast 1388: Belgian Strong Ale harvested from lees

Brewing Schedule

Brewed: 01/03/2009
Racked: 01/09/2009
Added 1st Half Fruit:  01/09/2009
Added 2nd Half Fruit:  01/16/2009
Bottled: 01/24/2009


No water adjustments to local Pilsen-like water.

Brewing Stats

Stage Time / Temp
Mash In Temperature 153°F 67°C
Mash In Time 80 mins
Mash-Out Teperature 172°F 78°C
Mash-Out Time 20 mins
Sparge Time 80 mins
Boil Time 90 mins

OG: 1.070
IBU: approx. 20
Ferment Temp: 79°F 26°C
FG: 1.014
ABV: 7.4%